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Top Programming News and Tutorials of November 2017

2 years ago · 2 MIN READ


The top article compilations for the month of November are ready! Take a glimpse of what happened last month and check if you missed something.


It was a very interesting month that started with the release of Angular 5 right on the first day. Still, for the front-end community, some other great articles to check are the similarities and differences between React and VueJs , 11 React Component Libraries to know In 2018 and Server-Side Rendering With Laravel & Vue.js 2.5 using V8Js runtime within a PHP environment.

On the back-end side of things, on Data Science Central re-published an old tutorial on implementing a Neural Network from scratch in Python, really good read. From the NodeJs community, we have a curated list of best practices for developers and a NodeJs Blockchain implementation tutorial.

To finish things up, this month was also time for one more controversial statement from Linus Torvalds, "Those security people are fcking morons", when presented with some "security improvements" to the new Linux Kernel.

Top Programming Articles of November

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